Monday, August 7, 2023

The Rant before the Rave

Let me start again.  I wrote two sentences and then got distracted by text messages.  I can't do two things at once.  It's my own fault, though.  I start it.  I send clips of headlines with my own comments to the few people left who will respond to me each morning.  They are irreverent comments.  CNN, The Times, and The Post are so fucking full of what that Devil Worshipper DeSantis would call "Woke News" that I have to counter it.  Oh. . . my comments would piss you off for sure.  I've even had to cut Q off that morning list.  I disdain everything equally, left and right.  It can be very tiring.  For other people, I mean.  It is a source of morning glee for me.  If I don't do it, I will be out throwing rocks at cars on the highway.  In my boxer shorts.  And that's just the kind of thing cops lick their greasy little lips over.  Those are the types of crimes they really like to tackle.  So. . . I write my silly "op eds" to a few of the screw loose enlightened.  

You don't get everything here. 

Summer is flying by.  Kids in the Sunny South are getting ready to return to school.  It is insane.  In a decent land, school starts after Labor Day.  Labor Day, right?  I always get it confused with Memorial Day.  But school should start up in September.  Only half-wit mean-assed cracker politicians would think of sending kids back to school in August.  And only half-wit rednecks would not have the energy to resist.  Always remember that the South was famous for the scourge of pellagra.  The three D's--dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia.  That's right!  It was because they ate corn and pig, or as I learned in my nutrition classes at the University--meat, maize, and molasses.  So, yea. . . in the summer heat, those lazy fuckers were miserable.  The only cure was to make others more so.  Just read your Faulkner.  You'll see.  When the weather gets hot, someone's going to get lynched or raped or thrown down a well.  Faulkner knew.  Yoknapatawpha County was no joke.  The South has the worst education systems outside of Afghanistan.  We are now teaching the positive aspects of slavery.  Disney style.  I don't know how DeSantis can rail against Disney, really.  He must never have watched "Song of the South."  

Oops.  What I meant to say is that summer is flying by and the kids are going back to school and so travel may get easier.  I may go somewhere.  I do not like crowds unless I am photographing them.  My favorite ones, though, are the museum crowds.  They are lovely people, and they are usually better looking than the hoi-polloi.  I know I shouldn't say that, but I've already fallen off the tractor, so what the hell.  The end of summer in NYC can be nice if the weather starts to break, though October is a good season anywhere above the Mason Dixon line.  Once the kids are back in school. . . . 

Usually here, at the very start of every school year, we begin to be threatened by hurricanes. It is dreadful, really, ever since the inception of The Weather Channel.  Those liars make their money by amping up people's anxieties.  There's that retard who is always standing in the wind and the rain reporting on the potential dangers.  They advertise generators and flashlights and safety products.  They are probably bankrolled by the makers of Xanax.  As soon as dark clouds roll across the sky in late August or early September, there is a rush on toilet paper, bottled water, batteries, and sandbags.  The grocery shelves become barren.  I have to admit, I still have cans of Spam sitting in my cupboard from last year.  That and Hormel's Chili.  WTF?  Who would eat that shit?  Only some dumbass southerner like me who wants to be more miserable when the power goes out.  I would be courting the 3 Ds.  

Of course, those who have bought homes in the newest developments should be worried.  Stucco houses in drained wetlands.  By the thousands.  Millions.  And so nobody can get insurance here now.  Corrupt politicians and greed head developers are to blame, but they go unpunished.  Everybody else gets to pay for their profiteering when the rains come and the flooding begins.  Then, of course, taxes must go up, too, to pay for drainage systems to try to keep those once upon a time marshes from flooding again.  It is a vicious cycle foisted upon idiots.  

Meanwhile DeSantis spends taxpayer's money to fly around the country promising people that if he is president, there will be no gays.  I'm sure that this year a hurricane with a tranny name will wreak unholy havoc upon his state.  I originally wrote "devastate the state," but, you know. . . dumb.  

I've been ensconced in my house alone for three days.  I've slept, mostly, with my Apple Music station playing.  But I am running out of food (excepting the Spam and chili) and am probably in need of some sunlight.  I need to get to the bank to get money to pay off the Malaysian Pirate before something bad happens.  I don't know.  Things are piling up.  So I will try to start the week afresh and get back to the Land of the Living.  It has the makings of a busy week--maids, beautician, a night with the gymroids. . . so I better get started.  

Keep me in your prayers. 



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