Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Hogs Are Out of the Tunnel

It's been a weird week here in the Sunshine State.  Three days ago, a Nazi psychopath with a bulletproof vest and an AR-15 "style" rifle was refused entrance to the elite HBC Edward Waters College which proudly displays on its webpage that it is "an institution founded by African Americans for African Americans."  Apparently Ryan Christopher Palmeter didn't meet the criteria and was escorted from campus by security guards, so he decided to drive to the Dollar General to whoop it up, killing two African American men before offing himself.  When Ron DeSantis attended a memorial service for the victims, he was roundly booed by the largely African American crowd.  He tried to win the audience back by telling them that slavery had served them well as they now had an African American college right here in the United States in a state that banned the teaching of African American history courses in all institutions both Black and White.  According to reports, the booing continued until DeSantis declared the shooter a "scumbag."  There was a smattering of applause.

DeSantis, of course, is the governor who has made the open carry of unlicensed firearms legal, and we all anticipate with great eagerness the fated shootouts that will inevitably take place on public streets across the state.  In his first presidential debate, DeSantis reminded the audience (three times) that he was a pistol packing Navy SEAL in Afghanistan, suggesting but never out and out saying that he had many notches on his considerable belt.  That was then, though, when he was JAG, a military attorney who never saw more than the inside of a courtroom, but now after discovering the benefits of Ozempic, he has slimmed way down just in time for his big presidential bid.  

He is also the governor who gave us "Don't Say Gay."  We have had to revert to an older term, "homo," or "'mo" for short.  Most of my gay friends are convinced DeSantis is closeted.  They say it results from a rumored episode when he was on a Boy Scout camping trip, but this is only a rumor.  Many, however, point to the fact that his wedding took place at Disney World.  Ironic?  Many think not.  

DeSantis has denied any memory of either event it is said, something which some claim is a little publicized side effect of the weight loss drug.

If that were not enough drama for the week, the Sunshine State is now threatened by two hurricanes, one in the Atlantic and one in the Gulf of Mexico. Were Pat Robertson alive, we could hear how this is God's vengeance for having a larger per capita gay population than California.  It is true, though the Don't Say Gay gays are much different than those Castro Street homosexuals.  Here, they wear rainbow t-shirts and unicorn hats to Gay Day Parades.  There. . . 

This, by the way, is from the most popular post ever on my blog.  Viewers come to that post almost every day.

Pat Robertson, of course, was a Republican and a conservative, and like my conservative friends, a Climate Change denier.  There is an article today in The NY Times about the depletion of America's groundwater (link).  I sent it to a conservative friend this morning with this message:

This ain’t people washing cars and watering lawns. This is chemical farming and developers building on water recharge areas and destroying wetlands. Greed. And don’t give me the argument about food production. We will never be able to grow enough food. The more we produce, the greater the world’s population grows every time . No matter how much we grow, people are starving. Capitalist, of course, need more people to expand markets. If they don’t expand, capitalism fails. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets their eye put out. Or. . . until we run out of food and water. 

To which he replied:

And to think that just yesterday my focus should have been on global warming. Now this! What’s next?

 He thinks this all the invention of Al Gore. And, of course, Biden.  

Oh, my. . . I almost forgot!  My "What about Biden" gig has finally made it on the major news networks.  I heard one of the "legal experts" use that argument in those words just last night.  It was, he said, part of Trump's defense presentation in court yesterday in Washington.  

I appreciate their reading the blog, but a little recognition would be nice.  I'm always a couple seconds ahead of the curve.  

Today is decision day.  If Hurricane Idalia is coming to my own hometown, it will be in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.  I'll need to decide if I am to keep my mother company tonight or not.  If the hurricane takes a sudden righthand turn as some historically have, I'll need to be there.  And if we lose power, it could be a few days before you know whether or not I have survived.  I'm hoping for the best.  My house is on high ground and my trees are trimmed nicely, so there is little for me to do but hope and tremble.  Since Charley destroyed my place, I do have PTSD every year this time.  

But as the Good Doctor always said, the hogs are greased and out of the tunnel now.  I guess I had better make a run to the liquor store, and I should make sure I have a week's supply of peanut butter and crackers.  

This IS the weirdest state in the Union of course.  Every looney comes here.  And if God's Wrath were to be wrought on any peoples. . . . 

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  1. One of my favorite movies -- "The Big Short," --

    Michael Burry has been investing in "water," ever since he predicted the 2008 crash and the character played by Pitt -- Ben Rickert is shown telling the hot shot kids they need to "get themselves some really good organic seeds to grow your own food."

    Burry says something like "It's all right there -- if you look. The data." To his angry money man in the early stages of his discovery.

    Mr. Gore was an early delivery person of information.

    Errr. The "Hoax."

    I got my seed packets going.

    It is understandable about your PTSD -- hope to see you on the flip side.