Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A Storm, A Dream, and A Fool for Love

Why this always reminds me of a fallen Statue of Liberty I don't know.  But it does.  Every time.  

Hurricane Idalia did not take a right turn yesterday, and so "we" were spared its wrath.  Not all were, though.  It is difficult to hope that death and destruction will spare us and be visited on other people, but that is what we do.  The alternative is unpalatable.  

But we know there is more to come.  

Still, I wish The Weather Channel would lower the temperature quite a bit.  Their hype is unproductive and repetitious.  They do far more harm than good.  They are, I would say, part of the National Disaster.  

I took ibuprofen and Tylenol last night.  Advil P.M. to be exact.  And holy smokes, I slept like a baby.  Maybe not a baby.  I had dreams I won't bore you with, but Little Elvis fell in love for most of the night.  They were the most pleasant dreams that I have had in a mighty long time.  I had found My Own True Love.  

Maybe it was the Advil, or maybe it was the coming of the Full Super Blue Moon that I probably won't be able to see tonight.  Which will make me very sad, for as you know, I am a moon worshipper.  It has kept me company on many a lonely night on beaches and boats and mountains, and even in my own front yard.  Today's tides will be more extreme.  There will be more births and more deaths and more violent crime.  These are statistical truths that every doctor and nurse and policeman know through experience.  La Luna.  There is a reason why the ancients used the root word for lunacy when naming it.  You know, as I think of it now, I have always been attracted to women who are like "that inconstant orb."  There has always been a lunacy in My Own True Love.  

"Enough of that, lad.  There is nothing good to come of such talk, is there?"

No, sir, there isn't.  It has never made a difference in my affections.  I have never been drawn to anyone I am supposed to be attracted to, if one is to believe the Spirit Coaches and Astrologers.  

But, you know. . . be aware of The Four Attachment Styles and how they affect your relationships.  This is popular now with the pop psychology crowd.  Oh, admittedly, they say, most people don't understand the terms and use them incorrectly as they do with terms like "narcissistic personality" and "gaslighting," but if you have ever been around someone who has taken an Intro to Psychology course. . . 

You get my drift.  

But,  I'm a fool for love. As the old song goes, "When I fall in love. . . it will be forever."  I've never understand how to live otherwise.  

Outside, the day is gray.  There is a light rain falling which should last all day.  After the intense summer heat, it is welcomed.  It seems a day for eating and reading and napping.  What do you think the chances are that I can get back to the dreams I had last night?  

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