Thursday, August 31, 2023

Without Wit or Wisdom

It was bedtime when I got a text from Travis.  It was a picture of the full moon.  Oh, man. . . early on I figured I wouldn't be able to see it, then I forgot about it.  I grabbed my phone and went out to take my own.  It was a hazy moon, an orb without a face, but it and I communed for a moment in the thick after storm air before I went back inside.  

I've been writing for an hour here and have in an insightful moment deleted it all.  The prose was worse than a ChatGPT composition.  And so I will admit defeat this morning.  Maybe I'll try again this afternoon.  There is simply nothing coming from this cabeza this morning.  Better to make a tactical retreat and reorganize my resources.  

It's not you. . . it's me.  

Until then. . . selah and selavy.  

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