Tuesday, October 31, 2023

I'll Be at Home

Q is sending pictures from NYC.  I forgot to ask him if I could post them, so I will.  Anyway.  He is using his phone.  Who needs a camera?  They are so totally 20th century.  I'm only half joking.  Phone cameras have gotten to be very good.  The haptics suck, but other than that, they will surpass most people's needs.  And the apps you can get for them are better than the ones you get for your cameras.  

Just saying.  

I had weird dreams last night.  I kept crashing a car into an old shed where the road suddenly disappeared.  I never got hurt.  But I dreamed that over and over and again.  It was part of another dream I was having that I can't quite remember.  Interconnected though.  Surely they are significant.  I'll need to check with a shrink to figure this out.  But I am certain something is off in my psyche.  Tonight will be the tell.

I lived up to my "man of leisure" hype yesterday.  I did just what I said I would do.  Look it up.  And then envy.

Later in the day, Tennessee brought over three big Agave plants.  Very generous.  I looked them up.  They are pretty expensive.  But I don't know if I have enough sun in my yard for them to thrive.  As expensive as they are, though, it will cost me more to buy pretty pots big enough to plant them.  I will have to put them on the deck.  I don't have anyplace else for them.  

Then, later, we will make tequila.  

Here's another of Q's photos.  This is just before the girls tried to kick his ass and take his phone.  Those are some mean streets in NYC.  Other than the scratches from their fingernails, though, Q said it was fairly enjoyable.  

"Did they come to the after party?"

It is Halloween.  His pics should be pretty good tonight.  I'll have to disappoint my friends.  I do not plan on going out.  I'll miss all the costumed girls looking for a good time.  

Per usual.  

I don't expect Q to go to sleep tonight.  

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