Thursday, February 1, 2024

So While Ye May. . . .

Dry January done, last night I toasted its departure with a Campari and soda in the fading light of day with a little cheroot and two companion cats.  "Oh," you say, "so January wasn't dry after all!", to which I reply, "I do what I choose to do. . . and this just felt right."  Trust your gut, the therapists say, at least the one I heard last night on my favorite reality t.v. show, (shut up!).  I poured the seductive poison into my purified blood stream having had mine taken that morning.  It was the best blood I'd ever give, I'd guess.  So me and two cats partied on the deck 'til the chilling darkness drove me in to prepare a dinner.  I had wine with my pasta and an after dinner whiskey as I watched episode three of "Monsieur Spade."  

I performed the evening's hat trick, the perfect trifecta.  

Now for a life of balance and good sense.  Never trust a man who doesn't drink or one who does too much cocaine.  I don't endorse moderation, of course, but I don't mind choosing it, either.  Freed from house arrest and the restrictions placed upon me by. . . well. . . me. . . I plan to live a more productive and pleasant life.  Last night was my New Year's Eve.  This is, for me, the first day of the new year.  Let the Three Graces rule (link).  

One of the good things to come out of Dry January is my nightly cup of Oolong Milk Tea.  If you don't know it, you might want to try some.  I find both green and black teas to be bitter, but the Oolong Milk is semi-fermented, so I've read and whatever that means, and all the bitterness is gone.  It is the most pleasant tea I have found, and it is full of things that are supposedly good for you.  Between that and the Golden Milk turmeric drink I often have before bed. . . and  I've even taught the Cafe Strange crew to make cafe con leche which is not on their coffee menu--both regular and decaf!   I'm just saying that in January, I've broadened my hippie lifestyle choices.  

Did I tell you that my bruja is leaving the factory?  She is going to become a full-time witch!  She's the one that makes me poppyseed tinctures and gives me other witchy things as well.  Oh. . . maybe I'll start wearing amulets and things to ward off the ju-ju that seems to affect me sometimes.  Indeed.  Even "the women" seem to be looking my way now and again.  O.K.  Maybe twice.  Probably one, one and a half times.  But that is infinitely better than what I've been experiencing.  

Now to get out and about.  

I must sell a camera.  I've lost my mind on the whole camera thing.  I love my new Fuji medium format purchase, and I got it for a song, really.  But I needed a lens. . . maybe two. . . to do what I want to do with it.  One of them arrived yesterday.  I immediately put it on the camera and walked around outside to test it.  And, indeed, though I haven't downloaded the files yet, it seems to do just what I want it to.  Later in the day, another purchase arrived--a new scanner.  Not new.  Used.  For a really good price.  Mine has crapped out.  It now puts magenta lines through all my scans.  I bought the same model rather than spending a ton of money on the newer (and slightly better) model.  

And more gear is on its way.  So. . . I must sell something.  I have only ever sold one camera (I'd rather leave them in my car and give them away, apparently), and I have regretted it ever since.  But times being what they are. . . I'll say goodbye to a Leica M7.  I'll offer it for a good price and a quick sell.  I'm keeping some of the boxes and bubble wrap that my new things came packaged in.  Frugal.  I'm being frugal.  

I'll need to sell a digital Leica M10, too.  I'll give you a good price.  

Now to make good use of the tools.  Perhaps I can, too.  We'll see.  If not. . . bleh!  I've decided not to pressure myself.  It is of no great importance, really. . . no real matter.  The most important thing will be to have fun.  I have to quit beating myself up over things.  

"Things"?  Yea. . . vague.  But there are multiples.  I don't tell you everything.  

Trying to be kinder to myself every day now, I took it easy in the gym yesterday and did another half hour by the pool.  And by god, these little sun baths have me looking radiant.  I fairly glow.  

How's that for a PMA (link)?

Now for life outside the bubble.  It is 45 degrees just now, and the morning is breaking clear and beautiful.   Clouds are coming this afternoon, they say, and a bit more of the glum weather, so I'll take what I can get while I can.  For now. . . and until then. . . .

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