Thursday, April 30, 2015


Gray strange days.  My life is changing in unexpected and profound ways.  I reel.  Sometimes I think there is hardly a recognizable thing.  Some of it is inevitable, of course, and some merely accidental.  Some I choose or chose long ago without knowing.  Tumble and spin and hope you end up somewhere you like.  That's all you can do. 

No. . . no that is not all you can do.  You can knuckle down and try holding onto the past.  You can whine and regret and hope other's feel your pain and wonder. 

Or. . . you can try to find art in it. 

No, I was wrong.  There are infinitely many things you can do.  I don't mean to categorize, only catalog. 

I've really pissed people off with my Jenner/mom's underwear comments.  They are good.  They tell me that there are people who are diminished by my comments, who take offense.  Huh?  I have to admit to them that I wasn't certain if everyone would agree with me.  I thought we were all on the same page.  They point out to me how offensive I can be.  Not they, you understand, but me. 

One clever person, though, sent me this.  It seemed so real I had to read it twice before I realized it was satire. 

I have taken to saying I liked the old days when there was a recognizable "other" that I could either envy or pity--or both.  I miss the sense of adventure (link).  This really sends them over the edge. 

Everyone got perfected, I guess, but me.  I'll be sent to the camps to be re-educated some day.  Then I'll be better. 

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