Friday, May 1, 2015

A Day's Mumbling

I used Fuji instant film for this.  I don't think I did anything differently in processing, but the image looks much different from when I worked with it before.  Hell, I could use this to replace the Polaroid the way it turned out, but they have quit making this film, too.  I am far too dependent on technology.  Still, I am a clever boy.

The weather turned coolish here, dry and pretty.  I have had to work like a. . . had to work through most of it, but there will be remnants of it this weekend.  I am always tired now when the weekend rolls around and all I want to do is relax which usually means eating and drinking and doing little else.  This must end.  NYC is getting pretty now, I think.  Time to book a flight. 

I slept late today and didn't get out of bed until eight.  The rest of the morning has been a hustle. Mon chat has decided to stay outside for the past few days refusing to come in when I open the door and call her.  I haven't a clue where she is getting food or water, but I am beginning to worry.  I may begin to feed her outside and not let her into the house at all.  I am so terribly allergic to her that it would be a sort of blessing. 

What the hell am I writing about?  Gibberish.  At least there is the photograph. . . if you will.


  1. YES, the photo looks fantastic.
    The general look of the photo is very beautiful and so are the colours, and the pose and face of the girl, too,

  2. Thank you my friend. I will do more :)