Friday, June 19, 2015

Constructed Frustration

Fucked up night, fucked up morning.  Seemed things were going o.k.  Yesterday I had to get my a.c. repaired.  That happened.  Ordered mulch to be delivered today.  That happened, but the truck pulled the cable line off the house.  Spent hours trying to find a number to report this.  Every number was sales or would disconnect when it was time to speak to a rep.  Not once.  Every time.  Called the city as the cable was hanging in the street.  They put it up in a tree, said to call the cable company.  I want to kill everyone right now. 

So. . . no time for writing today.  Now I have to spray the driveway for weeds and wait until tomorrow to get my pitchfork and wheelbarrow and throw mulch.  Oh, yea. . . I don't think I ordered enough.  Fuck me. 

Here's one of the first street photos I took in Santa Fe shooting from the hip.  I love doing this, but usually it is with digital cameras.  Never know what you got with film.  I don't know why I'm so crazy for these, but I am. 


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