Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camera Madness

See.  Sometimes with the little camera, things just get blurry on the walk by.  Still, it has its charm. 

Enough talk about cameras though.  They make new ones every day.  There must be a madness, really.  It is as if photography had just been invented.  There is no end to camera lust just now it seems. 

But I have little else about which to speak.  50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy, Chapter 11.  You can look it all up online.  It is part of the public record.  He will be filing his full schedule soon.  You will be able to see for yourself all his assets, debts, etc.  What caused his financial downfall?  Photography.  That's right.  He posted a sex tape of a woman in Florida online in 2009, and she was awarded five million dollars in damages by the courts.  Unreasonable debt or something.  Now he has to restructure somehow.  He won't be broke.  He has about 100 business interests.  He'll still be able to buy any Leica he wants.  But he may want to stay away from photography now. 

I guess he should have stuck to selfies. 

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