Thursday, July 30, 2015

In Transit, Delayed

Five days and my camera is still in NYC.  It has moved three times, from Brooklyn to Brooklyn to Manhattan.  I am starting to think they lost the camera.  Surely. 

I stayed up far too late last night.  I will be hurting all day today.  We have entered the dangerous time here when people go mad.  I want to go to NYC but Ili says it is just as hot and muggy there right now.  She called a friend to check and see.  Frustrations mount.  Sleeplessness and grumpiness. 

Variants of green strangle the world and blot out the gray sky, growing exponentially, reducing all air and space.  These are End Times for sure.  The world becomes uninhabitable.  

I won't want the camera when it arrives, I know.  Dreams and nightmares.  I am rotten with fatigue.  

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