Friday, September 4, 2015

He Painted a Lot of Nudes

From CNN:  
Christie's said the painting "caused a scandal" when Modigliani exhibited it nearly 100 years ago at his "first and only" one-man show in Paris.

"Outraged by the content of the show -- which had caused a crowd to form outside the gallery window where one of Modigliani's nudes was openly on display -- the police demanded the immediate closure of the exhibition," said Christie's.

Modigliani was an Italian libertine who died poor, at age 35, but not before he painted a lot of nudes.
 The painting is expected to sell for $140 million.

A friend sent me a link to a "nu couches" search on Google.  None of my images popped up.

I guess I'd sell a print for 140 dollars at this point.  If I could.

I don't have internet today.  I'm stealing the tenants and the connection is very slow and spotty.  I'll see if this will post.

Oh. . . it will take the cable company a day and a half to get a technician out to do repairs.  Brighthouse.  I hate them.

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