Friday, October 23, 2015

Still Life

On the other hand. . . living in the dial tone is better than many other horrors.  I'll tell you about those sometime, too.  The worst, of course, are the horrors of your own making, the ones where you can blame nobody but yourself.  The horrors that are visited upon you without requiring your action or inaction can better be suffered.  There are those twixt and tween horrors as well where you have partial culpability.

Any of those will have you wishing for the dial tone.

My friends say I have an uncomplicated life.  It is what I have strived for.  A simple life.  A zen life.  Not everyone enjoys that, I am finding.  People want to complicate their lives.  They say they don't, but they are addicted to the turmoil I think.  It is their way out of the dial tone.  Drama.  If there isn't any, they set out to look for it.  Their lives are like reality t.v.--no conflict, no show.

Existence provides more than enough conflict for me.  Just being.  Sitting still helps.  Sitting still in a quiet place.  There is nothing like it.  Peace.

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