Friday, November 13, 2015

I just wrote a massive rant about the Lonely Children of China.  Now that the One Child policy has changed, they all feel lonely.  "We are a selfish, spoiled generation," they say.  "Now we are left alone to take care of our aging parents."


But I have started to rant again and have to delete.  Does the world really need more people to be happy?  And what is with all this happiness bullshit?  Why do people think they have to be "happy"?

Rant, rant, rant.

And children?

No, I must stop it.  I will piss everybody off.  Delete, delete, delete.

If I want to rant about this shit, I should make a Facebook page.  But I've saved my rant in the archives here, and I can pull it out and publish it any time I want to.  Just don't make me do it.

There is an existential loneliness that is real.  People try everything to distract themselves from the void, but the void is there and it is real and it lies before and behind you and all about.  There is a big nothingness that scares you and me and everyone, and it can't be filled.  Some people try to fill it with drugs, with toys, with children, with religion, and all those things help. . . for awhile.  Sooner or later, though. . . .  Raskolnikov vs. Meursault.  Which do you prefer?

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