Friday, December 18, 2015

Slow and Steady

I forgot the point I wanted to make in yesterday's post.  It seems that the things that make Norway and other countries top places to live are exactly what the republican party wants to damage--wages and health care.  They do want to stop crime, I'll give them that, but making people live below the poverty line doesn't do that.  People want to be safe and comfortable.  That is the bottom line.  Take that away and they will act out in ways you don't want them to if you are one of the lucky ones who is safe and comfortable.  And a planet on which we can survive is not enough.

We could do more.  I'm just saying.

The factory is slowing down for the holidays and many are taking vacation time to travel and be with family and friends.  Yesterday I took my retired secretary and my current one to lunch.  It was lovely. We ate and walked around the little downtown area of a town undergoing recovery in a fabulous way.  It was an almost magical afternoon that we did not want to end as we walked side streets and entered little shops full of Christmas cheer.  I will not go to the factory today as I need more time to pack things in the studio, and later this afternoon I have scheduled a trip to the beautician.  Tonight, I think, will just be a lazy walk down the Boulevard and a night watching "Bad Santa."  Perhaps there will be cookies.

I'm mostly keeping my head down and not reading or watching the news.  I am a tortoise in a world of hares.  Slow and steady.  It is not a race.

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