Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Cold

The first cold night and morning.  It was 47 degrees when I got up.  It won't last long, but today will be blue and clear and gorgeous.  Ili is excited to wear some kind of furry boots.  

All I have is that.  A weather report.  The heater hums, the oatmeal cooks, the cat paces.  I packed a bit of stuff in the studio yesterday.  Today I will do better.  It is more than I thought, more work, more space.  As I move my stuff out, I regret not having done more there while I had it.  But when you think you have forever. . . . 

And that is the way of life.  We should always have done more and better.  The guilt covers us like a blanket of shame.  "I could have. . . but. . . ."  

Watched "Bad Santa" last night.  Ili says it is her favorite Christmas movie.  She wanted to know mine.  I do not like "Its a Wonderful Life."  I am over all the classic Christmas movies and t.v. shows, though I may have to find "A Charlie Brown Christmas," as she says she has never seen that.  What????  She swears it.  There is a hollowness to it that I enjoy.  

O.K.  It is time to get out into the cold.  There is work to be done.  

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