Friday, February 5, 2016

Spending Spree

Richard Tuchman's images are on sale at Photo-Eye Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  You can buy one from them online (link).  You can get an 18 x 24 for $750 or a 24 x 35 for $1,250.  My birthday is coming up.  Just sayin'.

But I will match or beat those prices with images of my own.  Or do you think I should send the Photo-Eye Gallery some of my prints and see what they have to say?

Or would you rather me just hang myself now?

I'm on a buying spree.  I just bought a 24mm lens for my Nikon digital camera for $42 on eBay.  I'm buying all the cheap shit I can find.  I used to shoot everything with a 24mm lens, so I thought I might begin again.  Start cheap.

But I'm finding out that if you don't have a studio, you need light to make pictures.  That was no problems with the strobes in the studio, but now, after work, after the gym, the sun is going, going, gone, so I am stuck putting on my pajamas and making dinner.  How am I to work and make pictures, too, without a studio?  A working man ain't got no bloody chance.

As I write, I hear a big animal crawling under my house.  Or maybe its a rat going up the wall.  I am not pleased and am in a killing mood.  I have the Golden Malrin solution in mind, though.  Yes, it is evil, but I know what to do.

Being practical, I have two tree guys coming tomorrow to give me prices.  The maids come in between.  It is time to get things done.  I have had a recommendation on a pressure washing fellow, too.  Then the painting.  After that, the deck.  I want the house back together and beautiful before spring.  There is still a roof to (not) think about.

My camera will be here soon.  My beater lens, too.  I must think about new projects.  I must think about my time.

*    *    *    

Morning, and it is cold, the air crisp and clear.  It is Friday and a lazy weekend (I hope) lies ahead.  I did more damage on eBay last night late.  Never drink and shop on eBay at the same time.  There is no cure for that buyer's remorse.

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