Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weather not Ideology

This is what it looks like here now.  The weather, I mean.  The other--it looks like that all over the world.  Boys look, girls look away.  There's a lot of tension in those postures.  I was looking, too, through the lens of a camera, the Peeping Creeper.  Looking and looking away.  It is what we do.  Ethics and aesthetics.  A privileging of inculcated values.  A battleground of feminisms and patriarchies and identity politics.  Words like "misogyny" (high-brow) and "rapey" (mid-cult) emerge  between the viewer and the picture.

But I was speaking of the weather.  This is my favorite time in the sunny south.  It is why the wealthy have mansions in places like Palm Beach and Naples.  It is why a room at The Fountain Bleu or The Breakers is going for $700/night.  I just perused their websites.  If you want to take a mini-vacation in your mind, I suggest you do the same on your work computer.  Take a look at the 5,500 sq.ft. 5 bedroom penthouse at the Fountain Bleu that you can have for $7,000/night.  With tax, its about $50,000 for the week.  I don't know if that includes a poolside cabana, but you wouldn't want to stay there and be a schlub in a deck chair.  Take a look at those cabanas.

I can't afford that.  And it is a funny thing, but I find it hard to stay near one of the big hotels in something that doesn't give me the same experience.  I know a few nights at the Marriott can be fun, but not when you know what's going on next door.  At least now.  When I was young, I would stay in a ten dollar a night hotel and live at the other place until it was time to sleep.  The joys of youth.

I can't do that any more.

So. . . I guess it is the penthouse for me.

Or. . . I will walk around the lake with my camera and have beers in a sidewalk cafe.  I mean, there is much that is worse.  Much.

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