Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hopefully A Weekend

After work, I skipped the gym and stopped at my favorite cocktail bar for a ginger and rye.  I wanted to go take pictures somewhere, but it was too hot, and I thought I'd have one drink and then take my cameras hunting.  One and done.  Then the music got better, and I ordered another.

That was a mistake.  I didn't take any pictures yesterday.

I am not sure sometimes why I make the decisions I do.  I'm not feeling very well this morning.  At all.  Nope.

This is a weekend I look forward to all year.  There is an art festival in my own hometown, although there is no art in it.  There used to be, but no longer.  This year, however, unlike years past, I will have no qualms about photographing the crowd.  I will take my film cameras out and make some pictures.

If it doesn't rain.  There is a likelihood, a chance of showers, but there is also the other.

What I really look forward to, however, is a party on Saturday night.  It is a great party in the house of a fellow who collects art.  His home is the way one's home should be, perfectly suited to him and his lifestyle.  And the backyard. . . .  That is where the band will play.  You remember?  The Cook Trio, the Django Reinhardt sounding fellows?  I hope the weather will be nice.  I want to take Ili.

If I can just get through the next couple days.  Busy factory work.  I have had some unpleasant tasks that are mostly done now, but two more days and I will enjoy a weekend of NCAA basketball, "art" crowds, food, and music.

There could be pictures.

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