Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dangerous Way

This is a morning when I probably shouldn't be writing a blog.  I'm in my hermit mode and don't enjoy the company.  Here are yesterday's highlights: I tried running slowly and gently on grass once again with dire results; I worked around the house and didn't have lunch but had a beer instead; when it was late and I was shaky with hunger and lousy blood sugar, I went for sushi; I came home and soon went to bed.

Fun times.  I didn't sleep well as my knee was not the only thing hurting.  My back was a stove up misery, too.  I thought/dreamed about the pile of wood laying in the driveway and of not being able to move, of shuffling through life on a bad knee, stiff as the lumber.

I have taken no pictures and have nothing to show except old things.  I went through my files some yesterday.  Here is a a straight Polaroid, no manipulations.  You can see how the dyes were dried and shifting.  Still, I see some charm in it.  I have ten thousand of them.  Maybe not.  I haven't counted, but there are volumes.  I would take them and do this.

There is a wedding dress shop on the Boulevard that sells wedding gowns, very expensive things by Vera Wang et. al.  I want to take pictures of them.  I want them to hang my photos in their store.  I want this so badly that I never ask them.  I'm straight up that way.

That's all I have this morning.  I warned you.  It is bad.  I am in a dangerous way.

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