Friday, June 3, 2016

Handy Man

I haven't been trying at all.  All my energy has been going into fixing the house and grounds so that I can quit thinking about that for awhile.  I am not nearly done.  In digging out a garden bed, I broke an irrigation pipe.  Now I have to remember how to fix it.  I've done it once.  There is another leaking underground pipe, too, that I must dig up and fix.  I am a baby bitch about it.  From start to finish it may only take me an hour or two.  That is including the drive to the hardware store to buy the PVC piping I will need, and washing my hands afterwards.  It is all painful to me, because once I start, I might as well do the other things, too.  And then. . . there goes the day.  And there are many, many days before all is done.  Many days and a lot of dollars.

But what would I rather be doing?  Oh. . . let me think. . . .

After all the black and white images, I am digging these last couple of picture postings simply for the color . They are the nothing-est of pictures, but the colors and the light and the shadows are a nice antidote to the other.  If I weren't working on the house, I have some ideas for post-production of pictures that I would like to work on.  Colorizing is one.  I used to hand paint my photographs, some with actual paints, others in photoshop.  The photoshopped ones were more interesting, I'm afraid.  I've printed some of them afterwards, and really they are quite beautiful.  But they take a lot of time to make and I am at a time disadvantage now that I am living the handyman life.  Yes, that is what I shall think of myself now, a handyman.

I don't want to be a handyman, though.  It is a squandering of my talents.  I am really good at other things, including lounging about, talking in cafes, and reading books on the couch until I fall asleep.

I will try to finish up this handyman life and get back to the other very soon.

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