Monday, September 26, 2016

Action Is Character

I have spent my morning writing my life's complaint.  It only took a microsecond to delete.  One must make choices in life.  The choices we make that defines us, I guess.

Action is character.  That's a line from "An Education" about literature, but it is true in all regards.

The opposite is true as well.  We are defined by what we don't do.  That's surely why they invented the Ten Commandments.

There seem to be more than ten in my life.  There is an ever growing, ever evolving list of  "thou shalt nots."

I must take stock.

I look forward to tonight's debate.  It will be fun.  Gallows humor, of course.  I will be forced to vote for a candidate I hold in terribly low esteem.  Well. . . I could just not vote or vote for a third party, but I fear the outcome of that.  So, I will watch tonight with sick delight knowing what I have to do.

Action is character.  Inaction is fate.

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