Monday, September 19, 2016

Perpetually Tired

I am perpetually tired.  I know I need some very long and real time off and away.  I would love to spend a week in San Francisco just lying about a grand hotel and walking the streets with my camera.  Some days in San Francisco, some in Berkeley, or rather at the Claremont Spa and Resort.  I stayed there for a few days on my last trip, and it was marvelous.  Ten days, not a week.  I want ten days.

That would be an expensive vacation.

My buddy just bought a new house.  It is a beaut.  It is not too grand or ostentatious, but it has a multi-level pool that is enclosed by palms and shrubs so that it is something of a grotto.  The pool is visible from every room so that every room seems larger than it is.  I went with him to buy the super-big leather couch at Restoration Hardware that I wish I had a big enough room for.  I would never leave that couch.  My buddy needed some other things from RH, too.

He recently bought an old Ford Bronco and had the seats restored in leather.  He bought a Triumph motorcycle and is thinking of getting a BMW.  I can't say I'm not envious.

Oh. . . he doesn't work in a factory.

But I'm O.K.  I need a roof, some insulation. . . .

I won't get that vacation.  There is worse coming.  Might as well get used to it.  Still. . . I want my Golden Spoon.

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