Monday, December 19, 2016

Hipster Market

The sickness passes and you want to reset.  A little exercise and a simple, clean breakfast.  Drizzle some olive oil on slices of sourdough bread and put them in the toaster oven.  Fry eggs and mash up a splendid avocado with gentle seasoning.  Put the egg on top of the toast and the avocado on top of that.  Do it again.  Life begins to return.

Take the Vespa for a spin.  Bring your new Leica.  It is hot and humid, so wear a white t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.  Or if you are a girl, something loose and flowing.  Go slowly.  You'll see much more.

As you approach the little hipster place, you see the cars that are parked everywhere, so far away, but you are able pull into a little spot because you don't travel by car.  People like the Vespa.

There is a big market, filling the parking lot.  A bad d.j. entertains.  It is a little beautiful, a sort of hipster fashion show.  Coolio, you think as you grab your camera out of your bag.

Tune in the settings that you read about for shooting in the streets with the rangefinder and manual lens.  ISO 1600.  28mm lens set at f11.  Focus at 6ft.  You are ready.  Go.

When you are done, the owner of the little hipster bar will approach you to say hello.  You haven't seen him in many years and are surprised at the warmth of his greeting.  He will want to catch up.  You introduce him to your friend.  He tells you about his teenage kids.  Then you are on the little scooter again feeling the warm, moist air swoosh around you.

At home, you download the images.  Wow.  For the most part, the method worked, perhaps as well as an autofocus camera.  Maybe you'll get to like it.

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