Sunday, January 15, 2017


This is not the girl who serves Kava and Kratom.  This is a nice girl who serves Boba.  Mmm.  It was my first Boba, and I'm down with that.  The Kratom. . . not so much.

Some days turn into something unexpected.  Yesterday was like that.  I worked out and took a shower  and then put a new basket on the scooter that no longer says Whole Foods on it.  It is a swell basket and will carry much more than the old wicker one.  It is made of plastic and will last a lifetime.  And after attaching the new basket on the bike, what was there to do but to go for a ride?  We headed off to the funky little shop off the Boulevard that has the best pita bread you've ever eaten.  It is thin and light and almost flaky.  Fill it full of something and join it with papaya juice and you are having a good time.

Especially if you sit at the counter that faces the window that looks out onto the street on a Saturday afternoon.  It is just the right height to sit your Leica on and take perfect portraits of the people walking by.  Photos to come.

After lunch, we got caught in our first rainstorm, a little bit of a squall, really, wet and suddenly cold. And so we had to put the bike away and get into the car.  Of course we didn't run into rain again all day.

A trip to the fab photo gallery with its New York show-- ‘Posing Beauty in African American Culture'.

Posing Beauty in African American Culture explores the contested ways in which African and African American beauty have been represented in historical and contemporary contexts through a diverse range of media including photography, film, video, fashion, advertising, and other forms of popular culture.


It was a big, vivid show, a good one, and right here in my own hometown.  

Afterwards, we went to the art store where I had my print by Slava Pirsky framed, a black and white picture of his daughter (link).  I have waited a long time to do this as I framed it in a very, very expensive way.  I will send a picture to Slava.  He will be pleased, I think.  

Oh, man. . . Ili is commanding me to get going.  We have something to do and she wants to get it over, so. . . I'll finish this later on today. 

To be continued. . . . 

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