Thursday, January 12, 2017

Audience and Reason

I found some defenders of the republic (read the t-shirt).  Would it surprise you to know that these two are Trump supporters?

Me too.

It is wrong to make assumptions.  But that is what we do.  "How come?" (as the hillbillies say).  Because it keeps us alive.  Assumptions are based on experiences, right or wrong.

I make a bunch of them here.  I rely upon my instincts.  I've learned over the years that is best for me not to ignore them.  I've also learned that it is best for me not to express them.  If I do, I need to make sure I have a receptive audience.

And that's what happens.  We have public and private voices, and all school children have learned to use the public voice--except when it counts.

But people are beginning to pay attention to me now.  It seems the NY Times have become readers of this blog.  They are only a day behind me here (link).

I look at these two images and wonder to myself, "Why can't we all get along?"

Things get crazy, and tonight is the Full Wolf Moon.  I watched the almost full moon rise over the lake last night.  It is something wonderful.  And now, it is older than it was.  Zircon.  That's what did it.  Scientists have backdated the moon by analyzing rocks that came back from the Apollo 14 mission in the '70s.  Zircon told the tale.  Just as surely as uranium turns to lead, lutetium will become hafnium.   Or vice-versa.   Its a fact.

But it doesn't change the way you feel about the moon, does it?

That's how facts work.  As Q pointed out to me this morning, he wants to live in a world without facts.  Facts can be annoying.  Even for governments.

Facts are fluid whether it is about war or about the moon.

Really.  Who can count on them?  You can't count on them.  The way you feel, though. . . now that's true.  Trust your gut.

When you tell people it is bad to pee on others but it is important that we all pee together, you have to consider your audience.  In the end, really it all comes down to rhetoric, doesn't it?  Know your audience and make an appealing argument to them. 

So many audiences and so little time.

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