Monday, January 9, 2017

Working Schlob

I don't know how people who live in cold climes do it.  This weather makes me sleepy and lazy and hungry.  And it isn't good for photography.  People wear too many clothes.  I mean, you are taking pictures of clothing instead of people.

I guess I am a southern boy.

I began relearning things yesterday.  I spent some hours post-processing pictures.  I like Lightroom more than ever and understand why photographers use it.  I still have much to learn to really control the process.  But there is no replacing Photoshop for what I do to pictures.  I mean to really fuck them up so that they don't look like anybody else's.  There are pre-loaded packages that many "photographers" use to make their "look."  I saw one for street photographers that will give you that converted high contrast black and white image that is so in vogue (link).  They aren't bad.  They just aren't distinct.  Right now, I'll try to do processing that looks as good as everyone else's.  It is a challenge to control the medium.  Picasso could draw or paint like others.  He could draw like DaVinci.  But. . . .

So first I will learn how to "draw like DaVinci."  Or as close as I can come.

Then I'll mess it all up.

It will take me some time.  With more tools, it is getting more difficult.  I mean, there are a lot of people who are really good.  That applies to most things, I think.  There is a tremendous talent in the world, more than ever.  Maybe it is just the result of having more people, more competition.  And when I think about it that way, I think maybe I might take the simplest approach.  Perhaps I'll be a minimalist.

Too much talking about that this morning, though.  Too much.  Things are simple, really.  What is this morning's picture about?  A child could tell you.

I'll go primal.

This is all talk anyway.  I must gird my loins and head to the factory.  There will be no picture taking or picture making today. . . or tomorrow. . . .  I am one of the masses, just a working schlob, one without time to tell our tale.

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