Monday, March 6, 2017

Atop the Wall

There is a sidewalk below them on one side where everybody walks.  On the other, far below, are the jetty rocks and the sea.  Of course they would walk on the top of the Malecon wall.  It is what you do if you are young.

I believe I started out lazy.  Not about reading or writing, of course.  Just about work.  I do not like work.  I don't mind my job except when I don't want to go or when I want to go someplace else, but I don't do the kind of work there that bothers me.  It is real work that I don't like.  Repairing things, cleaning things, throwing mulch or weeding or even fertilizing.  I would work in my old studio all day because that was not real work.  But vacuuming the house or cleaning the bathroom. . . .

I have work to do around the house, around the grounds.  I don't want to.  I want someone else to do it.

I want to walk atop the Malecon wall.

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