Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bill Burr

I can't believe I didn't know about him.  I watched one of his comedy specials on Netflix and thought, "Jesus Christ, this guy can't possibly survive."  I mean, he must piss people off.  Bad.

Last night, I watched another.  I am sore today from reacting to the show.

Bill Burr.  How can I not have heard of him until now?

Oh. . . thank God.

I also watched "Moonlight" last night.  It deserved every accolade.  I grew up in a white version of that.  I know it.  I know the raw animality of people.

It is nothing compared to the massive evil of what is going on in the senate, in the congress, in the white house right now.  They will fuck the poor and the aged as the rich make fools of the middle class.  It's not just here.  You are either rich or you are little people.

Power's a bitch.

No. . . no. . . I didn't mean to do that.  Respite.

I will take another long walk today and maybe work around the house weeding and fertilizing.  Tomorrow is a day at the beach.  I'm too fat for the beach, but that is what I get.  You can't eat and drink the way I do and look athletic.  I've gathered the bounties of the earth to my belly.

I am lazy and still haven't worked on most of the Cuba pictures.  The narrative falls away with time.  What is left are little vignettes, sensual memories.

And maybe a few pictures.

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