Friday, March 10, 2017


My mini-vacation has been little to nothing but eating, drinking, and sleeping.  Big sleep.  I have napped every day for at least two hours, and have slept at least eight hours every night.  I have eaten like a pig and have drunk my fill.

My body is not "beach-ready."

Next week.  That is what I say.  I will go back to work and the misery will begin.  I will work and not eat and give up drinking and exercise twice a day.


There is no end to the shame of being human.

I guess this is what retirement will be like.  I even went to some of the bulk and discount stores.  They are amazing!  Big Lots.  Bulk Foods.  Steinmart.  I have come to some important realizations.  I mean, they have couches at Big Lots for 1/3 the price of what I pay.  Even less.  Big comfy things.  And toilet paper?  I have been overpaying for toilet paper and paper towels my whole life.  Everything, really.  Why?  Why?

I could have saved enough money for retirement by now.  I have been a fool.

I understand my mother much better.

I will no longer be a spender.  I'll be a saver.  I have never known the satisfaction that can bring.

So next week begins the whole catastrophe.  I will not eat, drink, or spend.

Yes, that is what there is to look forward to in the not-to-distant future.

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