Monday, March 20, 2017

Carnal Equinox and Duty

The Last Day of Winter was beautiful here, a mixture of color and sunlight.

We slept through a good portion of it.

I have been tired beyond reason.  Maybe it is the changing time, maybe something else.  But naps are my true friends now, and I'll take them any time I can get them.

After napping, of course, there was marketing for dinner--a roast in the Romertompf--and once the meat was seasoned and the vegetables chopped, we put it all in the oven and away we went.

Vespa time.

We rode up to the end of the festival and skirted the crowd looking at the pretty people. And they were this year, for some reason.  They were a wonderfully dressed and handsome crowd.

Then dinner with mother and my cousin who is staying with her.  The roast turned out well.

Then darkness.

"Tomorrow is the first day of Spring," I said.


"Yup.  It is the Carnal Equinox.  There will be equal portions of daylight and darkness."

"The Carnal Equinox you say?"

"Yes, it is time for the Annual Mating."


"Yes.  I will prepare tonight.  Healthy tea and wheat germ usually work.  But let's get to bed early.  I'll need my sleep."

"Oooo. . . . ."

Let this serve as a reminder to all of you who may have forgotten.  Duty is in the air.

It is a chilly spring morning here, another keeper.  I will be spending the day at a factory annex.  It seems criminal, really, but the big bosses have to get their kicks somehow.

Duty.  It seems sometimes that is all we have.

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