Sunday, May 14, 2017

M.D. 2017

Mother's Day.  I was going to use another photo today before I remembered.  Lucky I had this one.  On this day we idealize motherhood.  Ili and I went to see her mother yesterday.  We will see mine today.  The weekend will have been consumed.

I assume Facebook will be full of mother's day material, those who love their moms, those who miss them.

Moms--the meme.

I wonder how President Macron celebrates the day?  Oooo. . . too much?

It makes me wonder, too, about how we celebrate that relationship in light of the Tennessee teacher who took his 15 year old student on a cross-country adventure.  Both were 15 when they had the affair with their teachers.

Life is full of weirdness.

I don't think I got my mother the present that she thinks I've gotten her.  I think she thinks I am getting her a laptop computer.  She is too excited to get it.  Once again, I will be the disappointing son.  I am an only child, so she is stuck.

I like Lilly Pulitzer dresses to a surprising degree.  I don't think the dress in this picture is one, though.  I love the striped tights, however. I wish I'd had a pair of those for the old photo series.

Ah, well, I've given up on such things now.

The cable man comes at ten and my mother comes at noon, so I must get a move on.

Get a move on.  Jesus.  What crap rattles around in this brain.

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