Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Secret Arts

Secrets are wonderful things.  I love other people's secrets.  We all do.  I am good at getting and keeping secrets.  If you have one, you can tell me.  You need to tell a secret.  You know how badly you want to.  If you have too many, you begin to forget them.  There is perhaps nothing as sad as a forgotten secret.  Without the telling, nothing exists.  In my next career, I will be the person to whom you tell your secrets.  I will write them down and wrap them up in pretty packages.  Best of all, I can tell your secret without anyone knowing.  They won't be able to trace them back to you.  A second party secret can be safely told.  You will enjoy seeing and hearing people's reactions to them anonymously.  Yes, a secret told is a delicacy.

A secret is a million times better than a dream or a nightmare.

I will be a chronicler and a keeper.  I will catalog them so we know what are the most and what are the least common types.  This, I think, is a stroke of genius.  I can hardly wait.  I tremble now thinking of the knowledge I will bring to the world.  And people like to tell me things.  They really do.  I am one of the best listeners you have ever met because I am truly interested in what you have to tell.

I'll need your photograph, though.  Photographs are secrets, too, secrets revealed.

Let me turn your secrets into art.   Truly. . . it is our only hope.

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