Monday, August 14, 2017

The Worst

This is a 1970's photograph by Bill Henson.  Film.  This is the sort of photography that will get you scorned now, I think.  It is more desirable to exploit people's suffering than their beauty.

These are topsy-turvy times.  I watched the Left vs. the Alt. Right in Charlottesville replays and highlights the past few days.  I'm not sure what people expect when you put two opposing teams on the same playing field.  In the replays, I see people who hate one another marching toward conflict.  The Aryans march lockstep holding signs that say they are under attack.  Surrounding them, the faces of hateful tolerance, savagely contorted. . . kaboom!!!

Some little moron with a motorcar and a head full of Facebook and video games hits the gas.

You haven't seen anything yet, though.  Wait 'til the renegade nuke countries begin their march and a little moron with a head full of kung fu movies and video games hits the button. . . kaboom!!!

The pigs are greased and out of the chute.  We'll play hell getting them back in.

The degrees to which we make the world ugly are many.  Maybe things are better when they seem worse (link).

My dance card is full this week.  I may not be able to post every day.  I have torn my right Achilles and have not been able to walk more than a few steps at a time for a couple weeks now.  My right shoulder keeps painfully falling out of socket.  I own a few more problems that will have to be looked after sooner or later.  The camera I bought broke yesterday, one day after it arrived, and I have to try to send it back for a refund.  And of course. . . the roof.   The factory is having a big week and my attendance will be required at some evening events.

Then there is the weather, not to mention the climate.

Maybe democracy and capitalism have reached their zeniths.  And maybe Trump is the Beast slouching toward Bethlehem (link).

In my head, I try to prepare for the worst.  In the world, I only wish to suck from the teat of sweetness and light.

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