Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The World Is Too Much With Us

Ili's photograph.  I cooked it up on my phone with more of those instant programs.  They really are fun.  I wonder if they will ever be museum pieces?  I guess it depends upon who does them.  If Warhol were around. . . .

There was a cooling late yesterday afternoon.  Neither of us wanted to cook, and Ili hadn't really eaten all day, she said, so we jumped the little Vespa and headed out for sushi.  This is counter to my Monday sushi rule, but sometimes you just have to be iconoclastic.  Garlic edamame, sake, spicy tuna kobachi, sticky rice.  We hadn't eaten sushi in many months.  We needed to renew the worms.

Afterwards, riding in the fading light, the wind was cool-ish and reminded us of the autumn coming.  We stopped at the little hipster place that has the Monday night farmer's market.  We saw the girl I photographed a month or so ago who lives in the little commune and sells lightly fermented kimchi.  But we weren't there for that.  We have discovered that this little hipster place with all their kookie characters sells some of the best scotch in town.  Having ingested worms, we had to kill them.  I had an Oban, Ili another I can't remember because I didn't drink it.

You can't get those by the glass most places, and the price. . . well, it was right.

On Sunday, when we went for mimosas (I guess we have opted for the hipsters over the highbrows for awhile), Ili had one of my little cameras.  I always tell her that it is difficult to photograph people, but that it is even more so for me, an OMWC.  She saw two girls sitting at an outside booth and asked if she could take their picture.  I was on the other side of the booth and didn't hear the exchange.  Later I learned that one girl moved out and wanted to know why she was taking the picture.  Ha!  It is difficult for everybody, I guess.

But Ili is taking more photos than I lately, especially from the back of the Vespa.

We were proud of ourselves to have had a little Monday night out.  Real adventurers, we.  At home, we watched the news about the Las Vegas massacre.  There is no way to watch something entertaining after that, so we chose to watch another episode of Burns's "Vietnam."  Long and terrible.

Neither of us slept well last night.  Those are not the images to go to sleep with.  Better to stick to tattooed legs and ocean sunsets, I think.  But what can you do.  The world is too much with us.

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