Sunday, November 19, 2017

Another Bit of Luck

The horrors continue.  Yesterday morning, I got a text that one of my good friends was rushed to the hospital at two in the morning--heart attack.  Another texted me about his chronic pain, wondering if this life is worth living.  I woke at three this morning with a ringing in my ears too loud to ignore.  I put on music and tried to go back to sleep.  I've been up since.

I will go exercise now at the baseball stadium before everyone is up.  I will try to stabilize.  After that, I'll drink mimosas and try to sleep.  The day is not predicted to be a pretty one.

But maybe I'll get out with a camera.  I like snapping the shutter, coming home and developing film, then seeing what people have wandered through the frames.  I like these odd snatches of the world, semi-composed but random, me guessing at the world, the world giving up secrets.  You'll see, one day.

My mother does not want to travel for Thanksgiving, nor does she wish to cook.  There will be just the two of us.  I guess I'd better plan something, some sort of meal.  In the end, we live in the heaven or hell we've created.

But sometimes you can just get lucky.  I'm hoping for another bit of luck.

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