Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Just the Facts

I am not upbeat today, and everything that I start to write is a downer.  Everybody has had enough of that.  So I'll be brief and simply report.

Yesterday, Ili and I went to a restaurant we go to only on occasion and had a wonderful spicy lentil soup and some potato cakes with a very fancy name.  We sat at the corner of the bar looking out onto the half-empty, light-filled dining room.  It was good.

We came home and lay upon the couch and watched "The Collection," a series on Amazon.  It is beautiful.  Almost every shot is a delight.  The story is o.k., too.

Then we watched the first ever episode of "Southern Charm" so I would know what that fellow is writing about.  The Leisure Class.  I have known them, the southern aristocracy, and they are a bit monstrous which is the theme of the show, I think.  If only.

We went for sushi early.

Then we watched more of "The Collection."

And this morning, I must return to the factory, for I am not of the Leisure Class myself.  I have learned to cope with them, but not fully.  I have wasted my life working.

But there I go morbidly opining.  I will keep my word and only report today.

The morning is cold and getting colder.  The sun is brilliant.  I will not be taking pictures today.

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