Monday, March 12, 2018

No Need to Say It

I won't go on about the shifting of the clocks.  We are all against it.  I've never met anyone who likes it (but maybe that is just the crowd I run with).  And even though I don't really have a set time to be up, my body is all jacked around by it this morning.  Maybe it is my brain.  I don't know.  Unfortunately, however, I return to the factory today and must be there at an earlier than "normal" time.  Not the factory, actually, not where my office is, but at an off-site version.  It will be a long day.  That is the perfect way to end a vacation.

My nose is sniffly and my throat a little scratchy.  My body feels like cement.

But I won't go on about it.  No, not me.

It is to be a rainy day.  The sun will not come up making the entire ordeal worse.


Let's talk about aesthetics.  Or something else.  What do YOU want to talk about?

I like these blurry pictures most, I think.  Or at least "a lot."  They are more dreamlike, I guess.  They seem universal.  It is like trying to say something without knowing what it is, a mystery shrouded in an idea.  Riffing on Arbus there.

But I must begin my day which will lack all aesthetic qualities.  Back to the land of the living dead.

And I really don't like the changing of the clocks.

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