Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Waste Can

Vernal equinox.  
It is difficult to conceive.  

That is my take on "The Waste Land."  It is a pretty good one, and I did it by accident.  Read the poem.  You'll see how perfect it is.

I woke up with Spring Fever.  An interesting phrase.  Does it mean you have a desire for spring or that you have hay fever?  Apparently, it is both (link).

Now that that is settled. . . .

What should one do on the first day of spring.  I am certain that one should prepare to do one's biological duties.  I'll need to eat some wheat germ and take some vitamins.  One's best defense is good preparation.  Always be prepared.

It is a hell of a day to read that old Sudan died (link):

At 45, Sudan was elderly in rhino years and suffered from problems associated with age.
During his final years, he was not able to naturally mount a female and suffered from a low sperm count, which made his ability to procreate difficult.

His daughter Najin, 28 and granddaughter, Fatu, considered young by comparison. Najin could conceive, but her hind legs are so weak she may be unable to support a mounted male.

Lesson taken.  What is there to be done, though.  The Circle of Life and all that.  Terrible, really.  It all makes sense if you believe Nature has a plan.  

But we must wait and see what Spring will bring. 

I welcome renewal with open. . . . 

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