Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday at the Factory

Day 2.  I was at the factory all the live-long day and evening yesterday.  The same thing will be true today.  Day went well, and I got many comments on my newly beautified hair.  It is much shorter than it has been, they tell me.  Everyone is so pleasant. . . at first.  Today I meet with the people I supervise.  I am good at it, but such things are always dangerous.  A little blood in the water and the next thing you know, you've lost a leg.  Once that is over, I will breath.

And maybe sleep.  I woke at two thinking it was morning.  Two is the worst time to wake. I slept a little after that, but I will be exhausted by day's end.  Exhaustion is the bankrupting of the soul.

My new camera is in town.  It rode all over in the back of a UPS truck yesterday.  I asked them to hold it for pickup, but my request went unheeded.  I will be generous.  Perhaps it was too late.  But I can pick it up today, and then I can weep.  The new M10-P comes out soon and has a few features I will want including the quietest shutter ever made.  The camera is $8,000.  Without lens.  I will torture me.  I should never have bought the M10.  God moves in strange and curious ways.  I am Eve, and I am punished.

I get bored in the gnarled traffic of this place, and I take lots of pictures from the car.  Many of them intrigue me, though I don't know the appeal to others.  They are mundane, of course, but they are never the same.  There is an endless flow of subject matter.  What else do I have to do but make a series of the contemporary landscape through windshields and windows?  Maybe I'll start a new YouTube show called "Photographers in Cars."

But first, it is off to get ready for a Friday at the Factory.

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