Monday, August 27, 2018

Summer's Last Full Moon

Woken again this morning by the full moon.  It filled the room with light.  What does it mean to be awakened by the moon?  It is the last full moon of summer.  Lisa sends word that she already hears the insects of autumn at her home in New England.  Labor day is coming, summer's unofficial end.  I have spent an entire season in a home not my own without even a day at the beach.


I wasn't worth a damn yesterday, but I managed a nice lunch at an expensive hipster place, a turkey club with thick chunks of avocado and sugar cured bacon and a couple of mimosas.  After that, the day just slipped away.

But I have plans.  I had to cancel a flight to New Mexico last October due to illness, and I was issued a credit by Delta.  I have gone to Santa Fe for three different workshops where I learned how to make beautiful platinum and palladium prints from digital negatives that are also used in a print making process that I also learned there.  Don Messec has agreed to do a private workshop with me as a culmination to all of these as some of the processes and materials have changed and been updated.  The trouble is that my credit must be used by September 18, so I will have to go out early.  I've thought about it, and that is fine.  I will go.  It will be my first breakaway of the season.  I will see the seasons change in Santa Fe, and it will be the beginning of my travel year.  I just need a foot out the door.

It will be the first time I've travelled alone in a few years.  It will be sad and fine.

This autumn I want to go to NYC, of course, and Nashville and Detroit.  And somewhere across the ocean.

And this, just to note: things are  weird when the heroes of the left are a porn star, a playmate, a federal prosecutor, a mafia-style attack dog attorney, and a dead republican Senator.  How can conservatives lose?

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