Saturday, May 4, 2019

Chase the Weather

What a week already.  May Day.  Kentucky Derby.  Cinqo de Mayo.

I may watch the Kentucky Derby.  Probably will.  I don't love horse racing, and I am not a gambler, but it reminds me of my father.  He always watched it, but I don't think he ever laid a bet.  I find horses to be hideously ugly.  I don't know how people say they are beautiful.  Still, I don't like climbing on their backs.  It seems very cruel to me.  In time before automation and machines, I'd probably feel differently.  Caged and trained animals of any kind, though, are a reminder of something grim.

I will probably make a simple margarita, though--tequila, lime, and triple sec, shaken, not stirred.  And probably some guacamole, too.  It will be dinner with mom.

The birds are singing, the sun shining, but it won't last all day.  I need to get out into it before everything turns to southern summer.  The weather patterns have already changed.  Those last two weeks of beautiful weather will be the last we'll see for many, many months.  It is sad.  Those days were so terribly wonderful.

I'll need to chase the weather.

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