Thursday, May 23, 2019

Life Coach

I just wanted color.

Last day at the factory before roughing it at the Four Seasons.  I may not take any photos at all.  I relax when I think of lying by the pool with a frozen drink in my hand.  Who needs to try photographing drag queens with a leica and a flash in hand?  Getting my ass kicked might make a good story, something that has been lacking here, but at this point in my recovery, I don't think that it is worth it.


I was talking to a sad person yesterday.  She has been perpetually sad for a year.  She is a bit of a drama queen, but she doesn't need to be sad.  I told her that she is telling herself the wrong stories.  She needs to change the narrative, tell the story in a different way.  That's the beauty of being human, I said.  We can always change our mind.

"That's what my therapist says."

Fuck yea.  I am ready to begin my second career as life coach.  I knew I had it in me.

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