Sunday, October 13, 2019

Paris #7

Our last full day in Paris, we decided to chill, walk the streets, eat, drink, and buy presents.

I couldn’t get out of bed until nine-thirty. We putzed around and had coffee, but I was definitely dragging. Ili loves me and acted as if she were dragging, too. We did little. We went to breakfast on the Ile St. Louis at the St. Regis, one of the best places there. We ate and then went shopping for presents to take home. I bought Ili a stylish hat and my mother a silk scarf.  Ili bought herself a beret and some clothes to make her tres Parisian.

After shopping, we came home and put away the groceries we had bought, and then went out again for another marketing district Ili had read about.  Sauntered through the streets, some more pedestrian than others, past "le sex shops," and onward to a marketing street where we sat with cheese and wine for a bit to soak in the atmosphere.  We had walked a good long way, and when we decided to take the metro back, we discovered that Ili's pass had expired.  We walked a good long way again to a station where we could purchase a day pass.  We headed toward the apartment.

But not home. Ili wanted to shop on the Left Bank, so we crossed the bridge and braved the crowd. We got chocolates for people back home, stopped again for a glass of wine, and sadly said our goodbye's.  Our Paris days were coming to a close.

There is no way to see Paris in a week.  

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