Sunday, November 24, 2019

And This Was Nature

"I quickly leafed through the opus, underlining the more amusing phrases in pencil: 'The strategic level consists in the realization of a system of global information promulgated by the integration of diversified heterogeneous sub-systems. 'Or indeed: 'It appears urgent to validate a canonic relational model within an organizational dynamic leading in the medium term to a database-oriented object'" (Houellebecq).

That's how life seems, sometimes.  To me.  What a wonderful observation.

"The fourth Ministry representative is a kind of caricature of the rural socialist. He wears boots and a parka, as if he was just back from a field trip; he has a thick beard and smokes a pipe; I wouldn’t like to be his son."

"Here was, as I’ve mentioned, a happy man; that said, I don’t envy him his happiness."
Yes, my friend mused, we know such people, all bureaucrat, no substance.  

But that is often what life seems to consist of when you get the stuffing knocked out of you.  I"m trying, folks, to live a meaningful life, but Jesus Christ, it seems to all come up empty most of the time.  That old mouthful of nickels, that awful feeling.  

I got up, walked downtown to a French bakery, had a crepe Montmartre,  a mimosa, an eclair.  Shared.  Then walked through the Farmer's Market and bought fresh vegetables.  Went to the nursery and got some more milkweed for the Monarchs.  About eleven caterpillars are eating their way through the present crop.  Put up more bird feeders and fresh seed.  Went back and bought dwarf mondo grass and other plants for the garden.  Cooked tortellini, smothered it in shallots, herbs, and olive oil for a quick meal.  

But, as Yeats predicted, the center will not hold.  

"I spotted a strange graffito in the Sèvres-Babylon métro station: ‘God wanted there to be inequality, not injustice’, the inscription said. I mused on who the person so well informed about God’s designs might be."

Oh, I think we all know what God's design is.  As Boyle has said so many times, "And this was nature."

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