Monday, November 25, 2019


Sometimes a thing just surprises you.  This came from my film roll, just something I snapped walking around Detroit.  I'd forgotten all about it.  It looks like an illustration for a story in the N.Y. Times.

Not that you would hang it on your wall.

Speaking of which, I was drinking the night I found out Russel Chatham had died, and I bought four of his lithographs.  I am lucky.  I apparently bid on many more.  This weekend, I took one down to see about framing it.  Oh, I am not through spending money on them yet.  This is why a lot of people don't put art on their walls.  To frame a picture correctly costs a lot of money.  So they go to Michael's or some other craft store, buy a cheap frame that is big enough and they are done.  Not me.  I have to spend all the money I have.  I'm a sucker for a good frame job, see.

It is nice.  I am replacing a lot of the art on my walls that has been there for years.  A good shake up, I'd say.

Sunrise.  Good coffee, some sweet roll.  The birds at the feeders, the caterpillars at the milkweed, the feral cat at the food dish.  All the new plants from the weekend of planting look like they are thriving.

The holidays are here.

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