Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Giving In

Took this from the window of a trolley on a cold Detroit City Day.  I like Detroit, but I would be tempted to shoot heroin, too, if I lived in the midwest.  Bleak, man. Bleak.

Should I use up all my photos here?  It is not like they are great.  Just stuff I shot.  That's the way I feel now when I look at them.

I gave in tonight and agreed to some Christmas.  I put on Pandora's "Hipster Holidays."  Instant nostalgia for a few years ago.  Try it.  It will put you in a mood.  I want a no-pressure holiday without worry.  Cocktails.  Food.  Friends and family.  Gift-free, so to speak.

This picture freaks me out a bit.  See the woman's face in the store window?  I don't know where that is coming from.  It may be a reflection from inside the train.  I just don't know.

I am off for the next six days.  Thanksgiving at my house.  Drinks in the late morning/early afternoon if you want to come.  Outside.  Then dinner.

The next day is a Xmas tree farm with Ili's family.

But I want to make pictures.  I want to shoot and shoot and shoot.

Just got a call back from the framers.  The small Chatham print--22"x24"--will cost between $700 and $900 based upon which of the two frames I choose.  Remember yesterday's rant about people who are too cheap to frame things properly?  Holy shit.  I still have two 45" prints to frame.

Looks like I'll be making frames out of sticks.

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  1. That is something - that face in the window. I remember it. I'm sure.

    Not being involved in the news really helps - I just looked through the Oscar winners (didn't even know the Oscars happened or didn't happen as they were supposed to).

    Chinese-born women director, black folk, - were they the best? I haven't a clue - haven't seen Nomadland or any of the movies that won anything.

    Sure looked "well-balanced" in the identity department.

    I've always been of the mind-set people shouldn't be rewarded or hindered by race/sex etc. Sure sure - there is history to contend with - but what better way to correct history than with accomplishment based on - doing. It's probably not a popular viewpoint these days. We have to make up for stuff.

    There is a racism in what we are "doing" - I think. All the unnatural correction.

    Don't get me wrong - mother fucking police officers who wontly kill black people is a problem. But judging anyone for their color/sex is a problem. There are white people who are aholes, black ones too, asians and you can find aholes everywhere.

    But it shouldn't mean that the Oscars need to award Black or Asian people with little gold men because of that problem.

    Does that make any sense? I dunno. Like I said - I spend almost zero time in the American News space anymore.

    I wish to have an incandescent mind. I'm working on that.