Monday, December 2, 2019

13 Ways to Kill a Mockingbird

My Saturday was not all countryside and landscape.  Earlier in the day, I walked around Little Saigon or Viet-town or whatever the locals call it and shot up the place, so to speak.  I had gone to the photo store to buy some film, and on my way out, I saw this chair.  I was using my flash and wanted to see how it would turn out.  It truth, this picture is from a week before, but I went back and shot the same chair again.  It is in the alleyway next to a Vietnamese restaurant.  I guess the workers come out and use it on their cigarette breaks.  For some reason, however, one of them did not like me photographing the chair no matter how much I smiled.  I thought it must be a special chair, magical, perhaps.  No, I didn't think that.  I thought that they, like almost everyone else these days, did not like for me to be taking photographs in public.  I'm sure they thought I should ask permission to photograph the chair.  So a man stepped in to block my shot.  I liked that.  It made a better picture.

Maybe.  After this photo, I spent about an hour and a half walking around taking pictures with my film camera and a flash.  As I've already reported, however, I didn't load the film right and so I had no pictures to show.  So Saturday, I went back and did a do over.  I photographed the chair.

Rather like "13 Ways to Kill a Mockingbird" or whatever the poem is called (link).

I'll show the rest of the walk around another time.  Today. . . I must report to the factory.  It is getting harder all the time.

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