Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Restricted Area

Here was the real surprise of the day, though (Saturday, my camera safari day).  Coming home, I saw a giant manger scene on top of a hill surrounded by barbed wire.  The place was an encampment of some sort.  There were no signs, but there were a lot of Hummers and camo cloth up there behind a big fence.  I was afraid to get too close, to tell you the truth.  I didn't know what might happen if I climbed that hill any farther.  Here is what the signs say in the corner of the picture.

It was a "restricted area."  I like that.  But I took to the "Danger" part of the sign.  The image of the birth of Jesus behind barbed wire, though, was too hard to resist.  I had to turn around and go back to take the picture.

It turned cold here in the night.  I have become a true southerner.  I do not like the cold.  I like the cool fine enough, but even when it reaches the upper 40s, I'm through with it.  My blood is thin as water.

I started cleaning out my office yesterday.  It will be a monumental task, mostly because I will have to make decisions.  I should simply throw everything away and forget about it.  What would I do with "memorabilia"?  Forty some years of presents, knick-knacks, things I've looked at five days a week.  There are things I will bring home, and those will be burden enough.  Maybe I will "gift" things as a cruel departing joke.  Whatever, yesterday was difficult.  I will have to harden my emotions against nostalgia and say goodbye to it all.

Goodbyes can be hard.

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