Monday, January 6, 2020

Emotional Support

I was a little too old for that teddy bear, I think.  But maybe I needed it for emotional support.  I could use one now very much.  Everything seems to be turning out wrong.  My yardman hasn't shown up for three weeks.  He is my longest human relationship right now.  He hasn't looked so well for awhile.  I worry about him.  But my lawn is starting to look pretty ragged.  I don't have any way to contact him.  He just shows up and does the yard and I give him money.

My iMac went schizoid on me, the screen turning into a psychedelic show.  I assume that it is the motherboard which means the computer is shot.  I worked for hours to get it working for awhile and got my files onto an external drive, but it is still jittery and I will need to spend about $3,000 to get a new one.

I've snuck in the whining, but not much.  I'm not talking about the other thing that has me teetering on the edge.

The design of that bed is really early 1960's, isn't it?  You see, I had books.  I always had books.  I had a little trophy, for what I don't know.

But there is only one way--forward.  Once more into the breach.

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